Viewing American Politics From The Perspective Of Martians

American Politics  History

I'm as a rule senseless, however humor me here as I veer off into the domain of imagination. Not *that* sort of imagination, however the world from a Martian's viewpoint.

Let's assume we're travelers from Mars sent to Washington D.C., in human structure, in the year 2007.

What might be our decisions about American legislative issues would we say we were to descended crisp, seeing almost no of the political framework?

We would see promptly that there are implied to be 'different sides' (the legitimacy of which is far from being obviously true), and the different sides are spoken to by hues and creatures red or blue, elephant or jackass.

There are additionally a couple of periphery organizations, minimized by the insanity of their methods of reasoning, who furiously can't help contradicting both the reds and the blues.

So these are the two reasonable alternatives. Third or fourth competitors are not permitted to contend, truly. They get "zero chance of winning" or there's the dread that the outsider will remove votes from "genuine" up-and-comers.

So the red and the blue appear to truly hate one another, yet they're cut out of the same cloth, consistently in line to keep out the periphery thus they have some basic interests.

At that point things begin to get great. . .

They have a considerably greater shared adversary: the media. The media as far as anyone knows reports the exercises of the two sides so they get more cash-flow from publicists.

'The Media' cases to be unprejudiced, however it isn't accurate. They are faithful to whomever is in force and whomever claims the news source.

What's considerably all the more energizing for us travelers to find is that there are significantly more foes these different sides have.

Whores. Most as of late Louisiana Senator David Vitters who gives a horrendous part of empty talk to restraint just sex ed, was distinguished by the DC madam and the Canal Street Madam similar to a customer.

Under matured young men. Good gracious. US Representative Mark Foley, crusader against youngster misuse and abuse, became kid abuser and exploiter when it became exposed that he had somewhat of a preference for Congressional pages.

Ladies. Explicitly wanton ladies. There was this one time, the lady was wearing a blue dress. He enjoyed stogies. . . . At any rate Bill Clinton had the sense to ensure the lady was over the time of assent.

Other imperative adversaries incorporate. . .

Closeted homosexuality. This has ended up plagueing various individuals of late. There's Larry Craig and the foot tapping occurrence ("misconception"). What's more, Democratic Governor of New Jersey Jim McGreevey. At any rate he's no longer in the storeroom.

Extramarital issues. The rundown is excessively long. What's more, truly, is this even an issue people care about any longer?

Ladies who would prefer not to be grabbed. (CA Gov. Eliminator).

There are a lot of different adversaries. Rocks (Marion Barry), voter extortion, blah, blah, blah. As a matter of fact, voter extortion is just an issue for the huge failure, not the phony champ.

Blue, red, elephant, jackass, they appear to need to make all the laws and afterward break them.

In our exploration as Martian anthropologists, we'd need to reason that some type of depravity or criminal record is required for political up-and-comers.

We'd likewise need to reason that the non-lawmakers, the ones who vote (or don't cast a ballot), have such a limited capacity to focus, that truly, it doesn't a lot of make a difference. It's football season and there's another period of "The Biggest Loser" and it's school year kickoff time and the children need new rucksacks. What's more, before you know it, it's the special seasons once more.

Hopping into this little dreamland now and then gives us a new point of view. It's everything about surrounding. Putting another focal point on life.

Attempt it with your life and your influence. Perceive how it goes. Educate others concerning it, inform me regarding it on this blog. Make a conversation, welcome your companions and partners to join the conversation here. Ruler realizes we have to step once more from the madness now and then and converse with one another cleverly about what we watch.