Top Bitcoin Faucet Sites to Earn Free Bitcoin

Today i suggest highest paying Bitcoin faucet sites which give free Bitcoin. In last 1 year Bitcoin price significantly going up. Today everybody wants to earn free Bitcoin.

The best way to earn free Bitcoin is you use Bitcoin faucet sites. These sites provide some Satoshi every one hour or every 5 minutes. You can earn extra pocket money through Bitcoin faucet sites.

Here i suggest top Bitcoin faucet sites list where you can earn free Bitcoin. So, let's start.

Bitcoin Faucet Sites to Earn Free Bitcoin 

1. is the most genuine Bitcoin faucet. You can get some Satoshi every hour. Also, you can double your Bitcoin by high-low game. also provide lottery option, where you can earn free Bitcoin. Lottery round played every week, you can participate and earn free Bitcoin.

Minimum payout is 30,000 Satoshi. Website direct transfer your Bitcoin to your Bitcoin wallet. In my point of view you can join this website today and try your luck in lottery and high-low game. Also, you can use freebitcoin script bot to earn Bitcoin fast through game.

Here you can join -

2. Bitcoinker

Bitcoinker is also best website to earn free Bitcoin. Bitcoinker give chance to win Satoshi every 5 minutes. Website give daily 120 chances to earn Bitcoins. You can earn up to 5000 Satoshi very 5 minutes. Minimum payout is 20,000 Satoshi. 

They also give seniority bonus if you daily visit website and at-least one time try generate Bitcoin. They direct transfer your Bitcoin to your Bitcoin account when you reach the minimum limit. 

Here you can join - Bitcoinker

3. Earncrypto

Earncrypto provides lot of ways to earn free Bitcoin. You can earn Bitcoins through completing surveys, play games and watching videos. If you give daily 2-3 hours to this website, you can really earn good Bitcoins. 

Here you can join - Earncrypto

4. Moondoge

Moondoge is provides free Doge Coin every 5 minutes gape. Website is very simple and sober. Website transfer doge coin to CoinPot. You can also convert Doge Coin to Bitcoin through CoinPot cryptocurrency wallet.

Here you can join - Moondoge 
Sign up - CoinPot

5. Moondash

Moondash is also genuine free Dash Coin providing website. Website give Dash Coin every 5 minutes gape. Same as moondoge your Dash Coin transfer to CoinPot and also you convert Dash Coin to Bitcoin any time. 

Here you can join - Moondash

These are some best Bitcoin faucets. Also, you need to open Bitcoin wallet. Here i give full detail.

Best Bitcoin Wallet  

Bitcoin Wallet 

Bitcoin Wallet is the best free online wallet in market. Where you can easily hold you bitcoins. First you need to open account and then website provides your Bitcoin transfer code. You can use this code to receive or send Bitcoin. 

Sign up -  Bitcoin Wallet


Coinbase is one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges in the world. It's also user friendly. You not only buy, sell, exchange and trade Bitcoin on Coinbase but also you can store your Bitcoin in a wallet.

Sign up - Coinbase


Trezor is a hardware wallet. Hardware wallet is more safe compare to online Bitcoin wallet. If you have lot of Bitcoin, you should go for Trezor hardware wallet.

Trezor downside is it's not free. You have to paid 89 Euros for Base Model and Ledger Nano S costs 58 Euros.

Sign up - Trezor